Welcome To Our Club

     The GVR Hunting and Fishing Club was established at Green Valley, Arizona in 2016 with 19 charter members and has grown to nearly 160 members. It functions under the auspices of Green Valley Recreation, Inc., a non-profit organization serving the adult community of Green Valley. Club members must be GVR members of or bona fide tenants of GVR members.

      Our mission is to provide members a chance to meet socially, to learn about and share hunting and fishing opportunities in Arizona and Mexico and to sponsor wildlife conservation projects in the greater Green Valley area.

      A special effort is made to transfer reliable information to our members. One of the best ways for a new Arizona sportsman to become acquainted with opportunities available is to visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department web site at www.azgfd.gov. You will find most anything you want there. Spread throughout our site you will find many links to specific subjects on the AZGFD site. We have also included many links to other major governmental agencies and private conservation organizations that manage and protect fish and wildlife resources in the United States and Mexico.

      If you are looking for a fishing, hunting or shooting partner be sure to take advantage of the “Partner Up” option. It features a computed generated list of like minded members. Look for the button on the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting pages.

      As seniors we have been “taking” the benefits of the fish and wildlife resource most of our lives. By participating in the AZGFD’s Adopt A Ranch program and other similar volunteer programs members have a chance to “give back”. Click on Projects to learn about how the you can get involved. By sponsoring conservation projects in the Green Valley area members have an opportunity to work side by side on the land for the benefit of the “critters”.

      Most of all we strive to to have fun whether it is telling stories at our monthly Camp Talk sessions, sharing good food and drink at our events or just enjoying each others company at a work project or on a field trip.

Check us out !!!